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Brost Quarter Horses                   Colonel Freckles / Peponita Quarter Horses

Breeding Program

  Click below to learn more about each of the sires our program is built around:

 Our Program: We have been raising horses for 35 years and have strived for a program that produces horses that are consistent in build, intelligence and ability. Our original broodmares were out of old King Ranch foundation bred dams. These mares were crossed on Freckles Elite, a son of Colonel Freckles. The best daughters from this match were crossed with Peponita Wood, a son of Peponita. The offspring we have for sale today are from this line of breeding. Both of our sires, Freckles Elite and Peponita Wood, resided and passed away on our ranch. 

Mares and Foals:

Our mares all foal out unassisted in pasture in spring and in fall the colts are brought in and weaned. After weaning the colts are halter broke and worked with. They are then turned back out until as yearlings they are worked with again. As two year olds, the horses are started in late summer and fall with 10-15 rides. As the age of a horse progresses, we continue the riding/training process. Our horses are bred to watch a cow, be athletic and highly intelligent. They are excellent as ranch horses, for roping, team penning, working cattle and other cattle related activities.